Friday, April 25, 2014

Creating Workshop Samples

Rebel Quilting and Stencils - 6 hour class.  Using stencils (StencilGirl Products) with fabric paint on pre-fused fabrics in the morning, and in the afternoon, break out the sewing machines to create a unique wall quilt in your own signature style.  Design, quilt construction and free motion machine quilting.  Irons needed and access to water.
Painting with a Twist & Shout - 3 hour class - Part 1 - collaborative painting
painting section

Quilting with a Twist & Shout - 3 hour class - Part 2 - Using pre-fused fabrics, circle die cuts and your painting section cut into shapes, you can create your own masterpiece wall hanging.  Color, design, quilt construction and free motion machine quilting.
Fat Quarter Collage with Stencils - 3 hour class; Using portions and sometimes the entire stencil, create a collage on fabric with black textile paint.  The fabrics can be used later to create an art quilt.  These were created with StencilGirl Products.



  1. What fun! Every time I see your blog and your art I want to really jump into fabrics! You make the most wonderful patterns!

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