Sunday, April 13, 2014

House Blocks

I found myself making these little blocks with a house stenciled in the center.  I had some leftovers from other projects - the house stencils (using acrylic paint on fabric) and the washed wool felt from another workshop.  Batik fabric as the frame, and fused to washed wool felt.  The felt was nubby and bumpy.  Each one has some hand stitching on it, which adds a bit of whimsy to the project.

House stencil by Stencil Girl Products
So I decided to make a book with them, and arranging them back to back, mixing up the colors a bit (the felt colors)

I zig zagged them together on my BERNINA.  It was a bit of a challenge, since the washed wool felt was a bit thick and unwieldy.

Here's the other side!
Up close and personal, so you can see the details

I love the purple paint on lime green!

and blue on orange

and lime on purple

and purple on aqua

and purple on blue

from the top!
Then I had 2 extras, that didn't have any hand stitching on them, so I made a cute pot holder!  The binding is also stenciled.

Here's the other side!  I love this stencil.  So many possibilities!  You can buy it here. Thanks for stopping by! 


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