Wednesday, June 25, 2014

StencilGirl June Stencil Projects - having so much fun!

These are the three stencils that I designed for StencilGirl's exclusive club for June.  Click here for details on how you can join and receive these in your mail box.
This was stenciled with the large 9x12 design, and then painted with watercolors.  I call it the watercolor scrumble. It was so relaxing a fun to create.
Sweet little embroidery project, inside the very thing that inspired this group of stencils

This watercolor book is dedicated to all work using StencilGirl stencils.  It opens, and all of the pages lay flat.  For most painting and collaging.  Watercolor paper with chip board in between.

Same stencil.  Painted with watercolor and then zen fingal doodled with a black Sharpie
Just in case you were wondering, here is what the book is - and I bought it at Dick Blick online

My watercolor pan, that has a lid and is completely portable.  I love the paper towel with the paint colors all over it. 
A design on my drop cloth, which I used for my intro on my video for StencilGirl Club
This is a regular composition book, that is covered in fabric.  Every piece was Mistyfused, and ironed directly onto the cover of the book.  I used pieces from my fabric line "Home is Where Your Story Begins" by Hoffman Fabrics and a sneak peek at some of my new stencil designs by StencilGirl Products (not out yet)

back of book.  So far, it is all staying together.  This is my 'to do' list book. It goes everywhere with me. So ,for my next line of stencils, look forward to houses, dresses, measuring tape, stitches, and other fun designs coming out soon!

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  1. Hi Jamie, the stencils are great, can't wait to see the rest of them. I'm having fun. Also I just love, love, love your new fabric line. Trying to decide what I'm going to do with it. I will be using Mistyfuse. lol Anyways, I'm a big fan of everything Jamie Fingal...
    Have an awesome day,


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