Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teaching in Mount Vernon, WA - Wanna Come?

I am so excited about the fact that I will be teaching in Mount Vernon, WA -Saturday, July 26 - Rebel Quilting with Stencils and Sunday, July 27 - Funky Folding Houses at Calico Creations, which is an hour north of Seattle.  The class is coordinated by Stephanie Davis http://kwiltzbystephanie.blogspot.com/  If you are interested in signing up for either class or both, please contact her via email  bubblingsunshine@wavecable.com

Rebel Quilting with Stencils

Students will learn to fuse fabrics with Mistyfuse, and then using stencils that the teacher provides (StencilGirl Products) will make their own printed fabric, using textile paint.  In the afternoon, the fabrics will be cut and constructed into an art quilt measuring 11x15 or larger, and if you have enough time, you could make two! Color, design, construction techniques and free motion quilting will be covered. Made the Rebel way...no batting, and no binding. Teacher will provide stencils, textile paint, stencil brushes, Mistyfuse, Goddess Sheets and wool blended felt and water containers to use in class;  Students need to bring a sewing machine, free motion foot, fabric scissors, apron, thread either in black, or colors to match your fabrics.  I would suggest bringing a variety of hand dyed or solid colored fabrics - 10-12 pieces measuring about 10x10 (Layer Cakes, and Hoffman Crackers would work well) all pressed and ready to go, and 

Funky Folding Houses
Students will enjoy a relaxing and fun day of sewing by machine/hand, and have a great time creating this funky folding 2-sided house book that can stand alone, made entirely out of fabric.  Students will learn how to use Mistyfuse fusible web on fabric to construct the book, and free motion machine quilting.  Six house fronts will be made out of the fabrics that you choose. Houses can be embellished with buttons, trim and whatever floats your boat!  You make them in your own signature style! Made the Rebel way with no batting or binding.  Teacher will provide pattern, Mistyfuse, Goddess Sheets, and wool blended felt to use in class; Students bring 6 different fabrics for house fronts 6x6 (6) and 1/4 yard of black and white fabric for the roofs, windows and doors, sewing machine, free motion foot, sewing machine thread, scissors, #8 embroidery thread, needles for hand sewing, buttons, straight pens, and any wild and crazy embellishments that you desire. 


  1. Loving your folding houses....very cool !

  2. Very exciting!!! Looks like so much fun! hanks for helping to get the word out!

  3. OMG, that looks like fun. wish i lived in the area

  4. Gosh I wold love the workshops if only I was closer!

  5. I'll be there! Can't wait!!!!

  6. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Love these Embroidery Design ideas thanks for sharing..


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