Friday, August 22, 2014

Fit for a Birthday Queen

The making of the birthday crown.  I cut 2 long narrow pieces of wool blended felt and fused them both with Mistyfuse.  I did this so they would bond extra well to one another.

I made a very basic pattern of hills and valleys on two pieces of graph paper taped together

Pinned the pattern to the felt and cut with a pair of Havel's very sharp scissors

I cut circles, flowers, leaves and hexagons on my Sizzix Fabi Die Cut Machine in fabrics, as well as, wool blended felt, and fused them to the crown.  I am building up my canvas for sewing it together and hand sewing.  The felt is all by National Nonwovens #TOY002.  Some felt pieces were from previous projects where I actually washed it to fluff it up.

Here is the finished masterpiece.  You can click on it to see it larger.  I envisioned it to look like a fiesta, with bright colors, and elements that the birthday queen would like.

Scissors in the middle, since we sort of run with them in our studios.  I also cut wool felted balls in half and built some dimension.  I enjoyed how relaxing it was to have a project that I could just hand sew at night and on the weekends. This was great fun to create.

Side detail.  I used #8 perle cotton for the hand sewing.

Other side detail

Then after I tried the crown on a few times, I realized that it could be pretty hot, because of the wool felt, so I lined the back side with cotton, and sewed it into place.  I used black velcro in longer strips, so that it could be adjusted for any size head.


  1. What a great idea and so much fun. Thanks for sharing it.


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