Monday, October 13, 2014

Work in Progress

Here are my girls - the heart and soul sisters.  The great part about this, is that they are drawn in two inch squares, three down.  So, they can be interchanged with clothes and shoes.  I think this is rather to fun to play with.

another way, and in the 'Daisy' color way.  No affiliation with Girl Scouts (this line), but Daisy in Girl Scouts, the nick name of founder, Juliette Low - this month marks the anniversary of the beginning of 'Daisy' scouts in 1984, which meant that you could start in Girl Scouts in kindergarten. 

and yet another way.  I am having alot of fun experimenting with this line of fabric.

I truly love this, because my artwork, pen to paper, really comes through in this small art quilt.  Still in progress, up on the design wall, waiting for more inspiration on how to finish it.  It is Mistyfused to the blue spiral in the 'Rainbow' color way!

My own version of deconstructed nine-patches.  Using both color ways in the funky blocks and black and white stripes by Hoffman Fabrics.

I would consider this a 'what if' moment.  'Daisy' color way

'Rainbow' color way

My design table.  I am certainly not as messy as I was last year in preparing for Quilt Market

Circles within circles - Sizzix Die.  Still playing with this idea.  Needs more tweaking!  Stay tuned....more to come!


  1. That Is some FUN fabric Jamie ! It's like paper dolls for crafty gals !

  2. Jamie, you are my goddess, i ADORE your work so much!!!! Love visiting your blog for happiness. xoxooxox


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