Saturday, November 29, 2014

Changes in the Studio

Over the last week, I have made some changes in my studio.  I needed one more bookcase for fabric, mostly my own lines.  So, I emptied a bookcase of books in stacks on the floor (and now need to figure out what to put them on).  The glass cabinet with drawers and the bookcase traded places.  I am quite happy with the results.  Then I brought another glass cabinet and table from home to fit down at the end.

This is the cabinet that I brought from home.  It's from Ikea, that I bought in the 'as is' warehouse part of the store.  I've had it for years.  We had to totally take it apart, to be able to move it and for it to fit in my car.  Now I have an actual desk.

Keepsakes in the glass portions, and won't be opened very often.  Things that I have kept that remind me who I am and where I came from.

Mixed media books, a pair of high heels

A view from the paint area.  The table to the right is my Sizzix die cutters.  I am going to find some storage drawers to put underneath that rolling table for die cut storage.  I think it will be a great use of that space.  Dies at your fingertips.

The other glass cabinet and it's treasures.  A complete vintage button and shell collection in the lower portion.
I moved out my computer desk - it went home, and a long table, that the printer sat on.  Now I need to find an unconventional printer table with shelves underneath.  That will be fun to go on a search for.  I need to clean out all of those boxes.  A studio sale is in my future to get rid of fabric that I will never use.

I moved my paint cabinet to this side of the room, making it more convenient to actually access my paints.  The other red cabinet is full of fun paper, ephemera and cardboard books. The skinny tan CD tower holds my cups of brushes, pens and other things.  The 6-drawer plastic tower with the pink post its is going to become a place to store fused fabrics from my lines.  I can't wait to get that done!

The mess #1 - need to be ruthless in cleaning this stuff out

A floor view - mess #2 - books need to find a new location, boxes to clean out

Mess #3 - all the fabrics that I have worked with for prep for Quilt Market - one huge mess, that needs to be organized.  This is weighing heavily upon me.

New fabric shelf.  Moved the books and magazines that my work is in to this one shelf with the fabric.  It's nice to have them in one place.

A view from the design table to the wall of shelving and cabinets.  One of my goals is to hang other people's artwork above those shelves.

A view from the design table looking at the back portion of my studio by the truck door.

A view from the design table, looking into the seating area and the large inspiration wall.  My favorite part of my studio!

From the design table looking at the other side.  The sewing area, and extra table towards the front door.  I love the fact that my studio is constantly changing and evolving.  My goal is to make it more efficient and easy to find things.  I want everything off the floor.  We shall see.  Onward and upward.  There is work to get done in December!


  1. The one thing I love when doing my room is to have places for everything so I can find it. I really hate wasting time trying to find something and by then, I am not in the mood anymore, lol. But I clean up and then mess it up again, so it is a lost cause;)


  2. I would love to spend a day in your studio. Where is your fabric line available?


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