Thursday, November 06, 2014

Market and Festival, Part 2

A little something that I made for a friend while in my market booth.  The scissors is one of my custom Sizzix dies, as well as, the paper doll.  I used the text fabric to spell out 'runs with scissors.'

This guy at the Four Seasons successfully got every bit of our luggage on one cart.  Awesome job.  He alone wins, because no one at the Hilton Americas could match his skill!  We stayed at the Four Seasons for Market, and then moved to the Hilton for Festival, since we were teaching, and it's just easier to use the sky bridge.

This is a book that Sue Bleiweiss made with my fabrics, complete with pages that have little pockets sewn in and covered tags!  Totally cool! 
My Open Studio area of the booth inside the Hoffman Fabrics Booth. Such a happy place!  I love working with Hoffman Fabrics and all of their staff and reps - wonderful people!  I am so blessed.

My friends really came through for me with wonderful pieces, like aprons, pin cushions, mug rugs, coffee cup holders, journal, messenger bag, awesome!

More scissors!

The Sizzix Fabi machine (a Big Shot, dress in new clothing) is what I used in the booth, compliments of Sizzix.  I made these paper dolls out of wool blended felt and fabric from my new line! #sizzix

I am posing with my swatch apron on, and my art quilts in the background.  It was so much fun to be in the booth and talking to people during the day!  I embraced the opportunity to be there most of the time, to sew, make die cuts and just have fun!

2-sided hand out that was displayed in my booth about me from Hoffman Fabrics!

The front, and who knows how this photo got on the bottom, instead of the top.  You can click on the picture to see it larger.
This red and white quilt exhibit is what welcomed you into the exhibit area to celebrate the 40th year.  It was stunning in person!

First class at Festival "Painting with a Twist & Shout" taught with Leslie Tucker Jenison

The journey of a painted canvas.  A collaboration.

The goal to to paint over all of the white with pure pigment paint -no mixing.  Everyone changes seats about every 10 minutes.

It's coming together and it looks awesome!

Black and white paint was added in the last 30 minutes, and it makes a huge difference.  The colors pop out!
After lunch, we cut up the canvas, and each person got 4 pieces to cover journals, make cards and whatever else they could think of.  We had a pretty resourceful and creative group.

A group made these bracelets out of the painted canvas!  This was so fun!
I taught "Coffee on the House" using Sizzix Fabi machines and dies.
This was my class sample.  Die cuts included leaves, flowers, roof, windows, door, cup and saucer.  Students were given a variety of fabrics to make a house quilt in their own personal style. They all learned how to use Mistyfuse.  I provided all of the fabrics, and wool blended felt.  Sizzix provided the dies and cutting machines!  Great partnership!
Class projects.  I love how each one turned out!  I had about nine students, and it was a nice way to end the 10 days that I had been at Market and Festival!  Not everyone shared their masterpieces, but I tried to snap most of them with my iPhone.

I loved the different ways the students used the flowers

I gave out some of my paper dolls, that had already been cut with some blenders from my new fabric line

and more flowers, and the clever way the landscaping is cut!

This student used the scissors, as well as, the paper doll in her art quilt!

Tipping cup and saucer and a free motion machine quilted 'H' on the cup!

This one is pretty clever too, with the tree of flowers!
First time free motion machine quilting - amazing!  This is from the back!

another gem!

Pretty impressive!  What a great day teaching!  Stay tuned for Part 3 with exhibits

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  1. What fun. Sure wish I could have joined you at Festival and attended your class. Next best thing is to enjoy insights from your post. Thanks for sharing.



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