Wednesday, March 11, 2015

State of the Studio

My new red and white polka dot bench.  A staging area of sorts for right now.  Both tables are covered in projects that I am working on now.  I don't think you can ever have too many tables.  That big pink blob on the end is a dress that I bought and a poor choice at that.  It's going to be made into an apron.  Note to self - don't buy clothes at Festival that you think look good under the lights.  They don't later. Oh my!

My cutting table, which has become Sizzix Fabi die cutting central lately.  I am yearning for a larger design table, so that Fabi can have it's own little section, and I never had to put her away.

Always a work in progress.  I decided to clean a different portion of my studio once a week.  On Friday I totally cleaned off this table, putting everything away, and leaving some fabric on it to remind me to do something with it.  There are still boxes on the floor, and they will have their day soon.

I moved my Bakers Rack that stores up coming projects on the trays to the middle - between two wire racks.  Books are still in piles on the floor, waiting for their new home on a shelf unit that I am yet to purchase.  Looking for something fun that I can paint red to go with my other red furniture.

This part of the room is looking better, but still need to move my paper inspiration wall, and get the Sizzix dies out of these drawers and over to the cart that holds the Big Shot Pro
Here's the Big Shot Pro.  It on a table with wheels, that my man built for me way back when I was building miniature doll houses.  I want to be able to store all of my Sizzix dies underneath this table, and remove the fabric cloths.  I like being able to see where my supplies are.

I love this area.  All of my fabrics on the shelf by the bolt, and the wool blended felt from National Nonwovens on the shelf below.  The two drawer towers hold all of my Mistyfused fabrics. One for my fabric lines, and the other for everything else.  This was a BiG job cleaning out every single drawer.

The box heap, and things to get ruthless about.  The day will come sooner, rather than later.  As the weather gets warmer, I am going to want to open that truck door for ventilation, and all of those boxes have to be gone.  I want a clear floor.

Love these two cabinets.  They hold my keepsakes, sketchbooks and business paperwork.  I thought at one time that this could be a desk, but I really use my design table for that.

Yes, my studio is a work in progress, and I think it's a good thing.  Always changing and evolving, like my artwork!


  1. This hurts my eyes.....nothing personal, though. :-)

  2. Gee, it's nice to see a studio with actual work and life going on in it, instead of a sterile staged model home!
    Keep up the good work, Jamie.

    Linda Laird

  3. A Busy Colorful Cluttered Studio Just like mine! Yeah!

  4. Lovely, bustling, welcoming studio! And I love the red polka dot couch!


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