Thursday, April 23, 2015

Travel Log - Nashville

My husband and I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee recently.  He had a couple of meetings, and I tagged along so I could visit my Nashville family.  We stayed in the downtown area within walking distance to Honkytonk Row on Broadway.  The first night, we stepped out of our hotel and literally ran into one of my nephews, who was going to the Predds game.
I spent an entire day with my brother.  The things I wanted to do - have a really good cup of coffee at a local shop, not a chain.  First stop Fido, and the latte was delicious.  It reminded me of Birch Coffee in NYC.

Second, was to eat lunch at Pinewood Social.  I had read about this place and it sounded like it was right up my alley.  A truly quirky and totally fun place.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, have a coffee bar, a bowling alley, a pool and hot tub.  And a bar inside an Airstream trailer.

My brother and me at Pinewood Social

Here is the Airstream on the back patio.  It's a bar!  How cool is that?

A Jack Daniels toast to us!
This is from a store in Nashville 'Bliss Furniture,' which had some great eclectic art and furniture.  We went to visit my niece, Stephanie.

A tag drawing of what was around me in the lobby of the Hilton

Steve who made just made Mason, our grand nephew a friend for life by feeding him some of his Boston Creme Pie

Lieper's Fork - it was such a beautiful day.  This is quite the scene on this hill.  Can you imagine sitting on one of those chairs and reading a book?  or chatting with a friend?  This little town had restaurants and stores on one street.

My favorite sign

Steve and I sitting on a bench in Lieper's Fork
My niece and grand niece, Steve and me at a coffee store.  Imagine that?  Coffee and cronuts.  Delicious!

I love this photo of my niece's back yard and she and her husband, Chris playing with their dog, Dixie Belle. Their youngest child sitting on the grass.  They have carved out a nice life here in Nashville, and I am happy for them.

Steve and me posing with the Loveless Cafe sign in the background

Sweet little roundabout in downtown Franklin.  I reminded me so much of the plaza in Old Towne Orange. 
We had a great visit!  We met our newest grand nephews, which was wonderful. There are two more on the way in a matter of weeks.  Our family is growing!  Reconnected with our family in Nashville.  I had great fun with my brother.  Visited with his family and my nieces family.  I am truly blessed.


  1. Looks like a lovely trip

  2. Oh Jamie, I love Nashville and I really enjoyed this post! My bro-in-law and sis-in-law live south of Nashville in Centerville, and I always enjoy trips to Tennessee. Its a gorgeous state and I have had a great many fun times there--boating, shopping, site-seeing, weddings (one at the symphony hall) and just hanging out have made it one of my favorite places on earth. It looks like a pretty wonderful place for you too. Thanks for sharing.


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