Sunday, May 24, 2015

A New Fabric, Design Idea, and a Zing!

This is a new Hoffman fabric that is being introduced at Spring Market 2015.  It's called Watercolor Palette and it depicts their 1895 Bali Hand Dyes Collection.  I have had it hanging in my studio for weeks, before I cut into it.  I was waiting for it to speak to me.

Isn't this cool?  A rainbow of gorgeous colors with the names underneath the swatch

Here's my favorite section, the vibrant colors

This is a one yard cut, so I am using a 35" Mistyfuse bolt, and rolled it out onto the wrong side of the fabric

I used a Holy Cow Goddess Sheet (made by Mistyfuse) over the top.  This sheet seals the deal.  It keeps my iron free from fusible web.  It covers an entire yard of fabric on my design table.  Using a dry iron on the cotton setting, I run the iron over the entire piece, carefully pressing the edges too, in a circular motion.  Let it cool before removing the Goddess Sheet.  If the fusible pulls up, put the sheet back down and press it more to get a good fuse.

This is the look that you want...shiny!
I love this fabric!  I think that the person who thought of this is absolutely brilliant!

My idea was to make a stacking house village out of the swatches

Cutting, cutting and cutting!

First tower. 

The village.  Not sure it has what I want.  Put a bird on it.  Hmmm.  Then I ask myself 'what if?'
I cut all of the fabric houses up using a new Sizzix die (launching at Spring Market 2015) - a spiral and it fits in a Big Shot or Fabi machine.  Cut it up, all of it.

detail.  This has zing!  So happy with the results!
And now I can show you this quilt, which is made with 2 sizes of spirals.  I am teaching this class at Festival in Houston in the Fall.  I am pretty excited about it.


  1. You should be excited about it as it looks awesome. Incredible as to what you can achieve if you just keep playing.

  2. Beautiful colors, wonderful village!

  3. I like both....the houses and the what if ! You're right, it's great fabric !

  4. The Watercolor palate fabric is a fresh idea. I love the village and the spirals with the dots are pretty cool.


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