Thursday, June 04, 2015

Organizing Made Fun!

I had a new design table made that is 6 feet by 8 feet with storage underneath, and room for your knees to sit all the way around the table on bar stools.  It is also on wheels. My goal is to keep it free and clear of stuff, like pin cushions, jars of tools, etc, so I can lay large works across the top.  The other end of the table will be for cutting.

So, to keep the table clear, I decided to buy a tall cart for everything.  I could roll it around the space, depending on what I needed as far as supplies.  Cost Plus Marketplace, and you can see that it's a tad bit higher than my table, which I love.  But, it's not the right color.

Painting it with Modern Masters Organic Red Acrylic Paint. Yep, your eyes are not fooling you, that's a Mistyfuse Goddess Sheet underneath it, so paint won't get on felt on the table. Nothing sticks to a Goddess Sheet.

Okay, yes, it is looking a little boring, but there is a remedy to that

StencilGirl Products stencils - the alphabet and a bird - using black acrylic paint

Dresses and bobbins


by hand and some stitching

Sew and Twisted Sister - need I say more?

Corner view! Done and ready to be filled up with stuff. Happy Quilting!


  1. Nice system! What kind of top is on your table?

  2. Thanks for sharing! Looks great and very "user friendly" as they say! / Also, Really? the paint comes off of the Goddess sheet? Does it peel off or do you just dust it off or?

  3. I like to see the spaces where others create....yours is totally awesome and that new table is an artists dream ! LOL, good luck keeping it cleared off !

  4. That is awesome. I am in the process of setting up another room in my house as my work area and have the same idea to keep my table area clear of clutter. I was going to try to get to Ikea in another state to buy one of their carts but we have a Cost Plus close by I may have to go see if they have the same cart. Thanks for sharing!


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