Thursday, June 18, 2015

Time for a New Journal

This is an ordinary composition book, that I have painted with Liquitex Gesso - 2 coats to cover up the text on the front and a small square in the back.  I squeeze out some in a recycled applesauce container and brush it on.  When you are finished, clean the brush and let it dry completely.  Put the Gesso bottle away and if you want to use the applesauce container again for a Gesso project, with a Sharpie - draw a big "G" on the side, and then put it way out of your reach to dry.

You may be asking why.  I am going to decoupage Washi paper onto the front and back of the journal with Matte Medium.  It is the same color as Gesso, but it dries clear.  The two containers can easily get mixed up if you are not careful. I've done it more than once in this process.  Using a paint brush, I am painting the surface with the Liquitex Matte Medium first, laying down the paper and then painting over the top to secure it into place.  The Washi paper is almost like tissue paper, but better.  I love the transparency and overlapping the papers is quite fun. I got the Washi Paper packs at Daiso.  A brick and mortar store that carries Japanese products and they have an amazing stationery section.

I really like the look of this.  And it has alot of texture.  I didn't care about being perfect, so there are alot of folds and ripples in the paper.  It's going to dry over the weekend, until I add the next step, or layer.

This is wet, but you can see the layering and ripples.
and of course I couldn't leave it alone, but felt that it needed a little pop with the help of a black drawing on it.  so we have a vine with leaves.

And some little stitching lines!

Here is the back
I sealed the front and back with Liquitex Gloss Medium and applied it with a fan brush, for a nice even layer.

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