Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Liturgical Commission

I love starting a new project and selecting the fabrics.  I was given pretty specific color choices, words and symbols.  I love making stoles, but it has been awhile since I have made one.  All of the fabrics were fused with Mistyfuse.

I had a pattern in my drawer, but updated it with a stole that my friend lent me for this project.

Rolling out the wool blended felt.

I love the blue 'water' like fabric for the background, and it makes all of the colors pop!

The spirals are cut on a Sizzix Fabi die cutting machine.  I love how the design flows.  It is just happy!

The letters are also cut on a Sizzix Fabi die cutting machine.  It helps saves my hands.

Free motion machine quilted using Superior Rainbow thread in blues.  It was perfect for this project!

The newly ordained minister is a Star Wars fan, so this is just underneath the right side. 


  1. Love the hidden message you left for the receiver of this lovely piece. How delightful!

  2. HI Jamie,, where is you originally find the pattern? Our Church has a new building,, and I am thinking of making something to enlighten the inside and the ministers.
    Since you used wool felt, the piece could not be cleaned.. guess this is a question. love the circles. Tempting me, but just invested in a Sweet Sixteen..

  3. Love the stole with the spirals and words, beautiful! And may the Force be with You, too!

  4. Super! Colorful and happy!


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