Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Dresden Plate Project

Enter the Dresden Plate. I had a quilt from the 90's where i used vintage blocks to make a new quilt top.  I asked myself 'what if?'  I truly love taking a traditional pattern and making it uniquely me. This plate is fused with Mistyfuse. My favorite fusible web.These are all cut on a Fabi die cutting machine (Big Shot) by Sizzix.  I had fun making this multi-color plate.

Then, I thought that I would create some of the same color groups

A nice collection of Dresden Plates

I started making some improv blocks, all fused, my way

Added a blue square with extra fabrics from making my first fabric line

I am loving the way this looks

A super a-ha moment has occurred in my studio.  So happy with how this looks - it makes me want to break out in song!

Up on the design wall to see how it is really coming together.  There is nothing like a really good visual.


Happy dance at this point

This is a bamboo drying rack and this is how I organize my fabrics when I am working on a big project like this.  Instead of all of the fabrics being in a huge and messy pile, they are here.  I can see what I have.  It works for me.  When I am done, I will put away the fabric in drawers by color, and fold up the rack and put it away. Easy Peasy.
And here is how it looks right now on my design wall. Time to trim down the squares so they all match and get it ready to free motion machine quilt on my Bernina 750 QE. It is about 44" square. Onward and upward we go!

A new picture of me in front of this quilt, done in an app called Dreamscope.  A friend did it for me and posted it on my Facebook page.  I think it's pretty fun!  Happy Quilting!


  1. Wonderful, Jamie! Looks great! So does your Photo!

  2. Love those happy colors!


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