Sunday, April 17, 2016

In the Garden

My other love is gardening

I love this.  It is bouganvillea leaves and flowers floating in the pool after a wind storm.  I think it would make great fabric. The perfect amount of color and contrast.

Succulents, geraniums and azalea's

A higher view of the same area

My favorite part of the garden

More flowers to plant
More succulents

Vegetable garden, and some really hungry animal ate all of my Brussels Sprouts.  Did not touch anything else.  Doesn't like Swiss Chard

After years of replanting this window box with flowers that got too much sun and not enough water, I planted succulents here.  They are thriving in the sun.  I only need to water the box once a month.  Water actually brings out the beautiful colors that are sometimes hidden in these amazing plants
And here is Bandit soaking in a bit of sunshine, while I am in the back yard.  Happy Spring!  Happy gardening!

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