Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Power of Color!

Update on the kitchen redo.  Custom wall paint from Dunn Edwards.  My favorite blue, which looks kinda dark here!

More light comes into the kitchen the blue gets better

The pantry, which I can't wait to fill up

Got dressed in black and white for the day the floor was put in

Floor is DalTile 12" inch porcelain squares in matte white, matte black and every other black tile is gloss

Grouting the floor.  It looked really cool watching this part of the finishing of the floor!
If you click on this photo, you can see some of the glossy tiles

The is the company that we are working with for our kitchen remodel.  I would recommend them 100% and ask for Greg Leef - he is the best!

Pretty exciting when the cabinets were installed!

The upper cabinets will have glass in them

We didn't replace the upper right cabinets, because they blocked the view to our family room. Now we have a clear view into that room, which is great for entertaining!

The white hole is for the double ovens with a drawer on the bottom and a huge cabinet up top
and the oven is installed.  The pantry door on the right

Sample door casing and baseboards.  This and two doors are off being painted.  Next installment will be the counter tops and appliances.  Can't wait to cook!


  1. Beautiful photos thanks for sharing! I can see why you can hardly wait to get cooking in this gorgeous kitchen!

  2. How fun!! I love everything but especially the floor!!

  3. Love it so far, can't wait till the next photos. The new kitchen has zippy personality.


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