Friday, July 22, 2016

Live Your Brightest Life - Part 1

Crafting a Life presents - Live Your Brightest Life: A Tribute to Yvonne Porcella. Quilting in the Garden, September 23-25 at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, California.  Pokey Bolton, curator. Here is the link to her ask. My plan was to make a quilt about Yvonne and me, combining our two styles. 18x26 vertical format
Drawing of houses, combining our two styles with her houses and mine

This is where making a pattern comes in handy.  I place it under a Goddess Sheet by Mistyfuse.  I can see through to the artwork, so I can begin to cut my pre-fused fabrics.  All of the fabrics have been pre-fused with Mistyfuse, my 'go to' fusible web

It's sort of like putting a puzzle together.  Cutting and pressing it into place

The houses are coming together.  Thinking about adding this checked fabric under the houses.  This is Yvonne's iconic style with black and white checks

It is almost complete.  I will peel this off in one sheet to bring it to the wool blended felt foundation.  I don't use batting in between the layers.  Wool blended felt from National Nonwovens TOY002

Those are small hexagons for the blue sky.  Trying on my first face, and I am not happy with it. Time for a re-do for Yvonne, because she needs more fabrics, more color, more fun!
Yvonne re-do - more like her. Dog bone and heart in her hair.  Might have to do some tweaking to her hair.  She has also been made on top of a Goddess Sheet

my head made on a Goddess Sheet, then I will peel it off and place it on the quilt

I dressed us in black and white, a color choice for clothing that we both enjoyed.  I am trying out background fabric

I have put a piece of parchment paper behind our heads to help with auditioning the background fabric
Turquoise fabric was the perfect solution for both of our faces.  I added a polka dot line around the sides and top.  Stay tuned for the free motion machine quilting next, and I am not sure about my lime green neck!


  1. That is such a wonderful piece and so creative.


  2. I Love this quilt as is. Wonderful tribute!


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