Friday, September 09, 2016

Drawing and Stitching

One of my newest projects that I've been working on are these white linen pieces that are hand stitched with black perle cotton 8 thread. The center piece is hand drawn with a Pitt Pen on rolling papers. Yes, you heard it right, rolling papers. The kind you roll your own with. They are very small and fragile. Mistyfuse is on the backs of the rolling paper and fused to the white linen. The white linen is also fused with Mistyfuse to wool blended felt for easier hand sewing. They are around 5x5

Tulip with circles

House with tulip and landscape. I love how the image sort of becomes part of the white linen, and it is hard to tell how it was drawn. Gotta love that!

It takes a village. Yes, I do make mistakes, and this is a perfect example. The top portion looks a little weird, only because I ripped out the very complicated sky that I created, and did something simple. My goal is to have some of the stitches hit the edges of the rolling paper. I am pretty happy with how the group has turned out so far. I may mount them on watercolor paper and put in plastic sleeves. This has been a really fun project


  1. Love these. I especially the house with tulip. Reminds me of the Skagit Valley in Washington.

  2. very interesting work.

  3. Very Interesting new idea!

  4. These are really interesting and would be fun to try.

  5. I love the series and your personal style. I am just learning to draw and I am wondering if you would me using this technique. I like the idea of using a centre image and then expanding it with embroidery.


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