Thursday, October 06, 2016

Twist and Shout in the Studio

This summer I decided that I wanted to make some changes in my studio that were a long time coming. Number one was to clear out all of my supplies and stuff that I am never going to use again. That part is done. I have some last few boxes to go through, but it is doable. The next thing I did was move my painting area from the back of my studio to the front, mainly to have access to fresh air that my open front door provided. This table when I am not painting will act as my conference table for meetings

I have this extra table for now where I am putting together my kits for Craft Napa "Zen Stitching" and reorganizing all of my felt scraps. It will be good to get this organized and put away. One class is almost a wrap regarding kits

My other focus was to move my sitting area to the middle of the room, to create a larger area for guests to sit.  You can see the before pictures here

So, when you walk into my studio, the sitting area is front and center

Across from my red and white polka dot couch is a metal bench in the same color scheme. Red chairs that are painted with positive affirmations in white grace this area

A side table that I got out of the trash as my previous studio sits in an unfinished state

My sewing machines have moved to just behind my design table, which seemed alot more logical that where they were previously. Get a piece done, put it on the table for free motion machine quilting

The left aisle, which still needs some clean up is looking good

All of my shelving used to be horizontal, as acted as a wall between the sewing area and the painting area.  This way I can see all the way back to my studio. And the air flow between the truck door and the front door is way better

The right side is made up of red painted furniture, which stores paint, stencils, books, light box, paper cutter

Here are the girls

One of my favorite areas of my studio. Hand painted table with vintage typewriter. Thanks for stopping by to see the changes in my studio!


  1. It all looks like a very inspiring place to work!

  2. I like the changes. An already great studio made even better!


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