Tuesday, December 27, 2016


As I was cleaning out some fabrics in my studio, I found a pile of stenciled fabrics that I could use for this project.  These are all made with StencilGirl Products. The houses are my design, and I used a variety of other designers work too to enhance my fabric choices.  Looks a little like graffiti.

I am making one foot squares to sell at Craft Napa in January!  All of the fabrics were pre-fused with Mistyfuse

I love the variety of colors and the stencils create alot of texture and interest!

One of my favorite stencils creates dots.  I love the alphabet stencils too. I used Jacquard fabric paint and Liquitex acrylic paint on cotton fabric

Using the dot stencil, I was able to unify the fabrics together and give it a touch of whimsy!

My version of urban graffiti

and a zipper!  Having so much fun creating these one foot squares!

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