Thursday, January 12, 2017

Luxo Lamp Love

I have a fascination with Luxo Lamps because of their triangle shade and long lines. Let's make an art quilt!  From the sketchbook to art quilt.

I had this great polka dot fabric from RJR left over from a previous project.  The perfect selection to make Luxo Lam;s with. The background is an overdyed piece of fabric from Quilt Tapestry Studio - Wendy Richardson.  It reminded me of a contemporary wall, which would make the perfect background for my project.

I am a person who works on many things at the same time, as you can see by the looks on my design table. Piles of fabrics for one of my classes at Craft Napa.

And then I had a light bulb moment that it would be great to add some free motion machine quilting to some of the negative space.  My favorite snips from Havel's that I used to cut the jumps over the lamps.
Finished and I truly love this quilt.  It was quite fun to take it from sketchbook to art quilt. It's 25x25 and made for a SAQA Regional exhibit for Southern California.  The theme is 'Let's Get Mod.' Happy happy. Simple, yet has some fun elements.


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