Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Beauty of Kauai

We went to the island of Kauai to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. I have dreamed of this for months. Our anniversary is really in October, but with my schedule, it wasn't going to work. I also celebrated my birthday here! The weather is different in September. Hot and humid. The humidity about killed me the first few days and it really affected my arthritis pain. Swimming in the ocean really helped and the water was warm and inviting. Left for the trip exhausted and came back rested. There is nothing like having zero the schedule. No alarm clock. Breakfast n the patio. Read 6 books and started another. Got a lot of exercise and sleep.

Upon arrival to our resort. So gorgeous!

Until next time Kauai. #kauainokaoi2017


  1. Love Kauai! So glad you could spend some time there celebrating and also relaxing. Thanks for sharing that beautiful place.

  2. I love the prints and colour scheme you have shown in your blog. Most attractive part was the different patterns and shades on your material of quilting. Great!

  3. this place is very wonderful and peaceful. May be this is the great place for the summer. Thank you for sharing webstagram


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