Thursday, December 07, 2017

Introducing my Newest Fabric Line with RJR

I am so excited to share my newest line ‘Sewing 101’ with RJR Fabrics. It will launch in January and will ship to stores in April. I am in the midst of making projects for the launch.

16 pieces, all hand drawn to delight all of the sewists out there

They go great with hopscotch, a blender line that was introduced at Spring Market in May 2017.  There are ten here on top that I have chosen to go with Sewing 101

Another selvage shot. I designed my own selvages which I feel is a great perk. 

I’ve got some fun names for each design. The bobbins are called ‘wound up.’ Embroidery hoops ‘Hoop Art.’ And the thread is ‘Twisted.’ Buttons ‘Button up’ and the scissors ‘shear bliss.’ 

The entire line! So happy!

Hopscotch coordinating fabrics. Some of the same doodles from hopscotch are in Sewing 101. These are just a sampling from the line Hopscotch. It has 84 colors and 11 designs and is a blender line. It will always be available. Happy Sewing! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Awesome! We love visiting in your blog.

    if Any one want New Embroidery Designs ?

  2. Anonymous3:20 AM

    WOW, it's amazing. It's really different and much more beautiful designs. Applique Embroidery Designs You have amazing ideas!! well done.

  3. Awesome- can’t wait! I love your work! Just bought a copy of Threads of Resistance and cannot tell you how enheartening it is to see all the talented artists expressions in quilts! Thank you.

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