Thursday, January 18, 2018

Craft Napa was Super Fun

Back from Craft Napa and had a great time. The mixed media retreat takes place at the Embassy Suites in Napa. These are the cool signs that Pokey Bolton makes for our workshops. The lighting wasn’t too good for this shot

I had an almost full class. Every student made their own version of the faces quilt which I loved. These were all made with my Hopscotch line of Fabric by RJR. The fabrics were all ore-fused with Mistyfuse. All the students had to bring was a pair of scissors and a supply fee. It was great fun!

Some groupings so you can get a better idea. Friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, dogs and cats

I love the uniqueness of each one. They measure 18x18 square

This was a dream class, because everyone was eager to learn and then do their own thing. The background colors really pop the faces.


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