Friday, February 09, 2018

This week in the Studio

It has been such a great week in the studio. I’ve been putting things away from Craft Napa and getting myself organized for 2018

I’ve been doing some hand work which is so relaxing. This is made with wool felt and hand sewn.

Also gathering supplies for a block printing class that I am taking at QuiltCon. Will I see you there?

I am thinking about having a studio sale of books, an enormous amount of fabric from my collection and my Fabric lines, and Quilt samples that I’ve made for various companies over the years. 

I am working on a new line of stencils for StencilGirl which I am excited about. This is my rolling paint cart and my two Ikea carts with all of my supplies. This area has the best ventilation because it’s near the back where the truck door is.

Here is a tremendous Call for Entry that Leslie Tucker Jenison and I have been working on for almost two years with Quilts, inc. The Power of Women. Three different opportunities to enter your work for this one exhibit. This is for Fall Market/Festival and should be a pretty powerful exhibit. There is no entry fee, so we hope we get a huge amount of entries! Link is here 
Look for The Power of Women

I’ve been making patriotic house quilts for wounded service members with a masculine look.12x16 vertical format. If you want to make one, go to The House Quilt Project blog  . 

And sometimes it’s just good to play. I work on projects with no deadlines every Friday. These fabrics are from my newest line Sewing 101 and some from Hopscotch by RJR Fabrics. 

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  1. I love the fabric with the whimsical sewing motifs. I'm assuming that's Sewing 101 fabric. Love it. take care ~~rita


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