Friday, March 30, 2018

Hand Painted Eggs for Easter

In my 20’s I hand painted Leggs Eggs for my parents for Easter. They have passed on, and now I have the eggs back that are displayed prominently in our house. Remember Leggs Eggs? You could buy pantyhose in a plastic egg. I have hand painted dozens of these eggs for friends and family in my 20’s with acrylic paint and black India ink.

This year I decided that I wanted to continue that tradition from many years ago and now I am in my 60’s. I found these at Target, but to my surprise they were bumpy from the glitter, so I tried sanding them down a bit.

I painted two layers of Liquitex Gesso to cover up the color and the glitter. Now they are ready to paint!

I began by drawing my designs with a Sharpie. The smaller eggs are also from Target as part of the Magnolia collection and made out of paper. The ink is my guide for painting and I knew ahead of time that these lines would be drawn again after they are painted.

Thestart of the painting. Acrylic paints are not the same. Student grade Blick does not have the coverage like Liquitex soft body paint. I found that some needed more layers than others. Frustrating to say the least. It’s time to go to the art store for good paint.

Backgrounds are being painted and I glued each egg together so they can’t come apart for more stability

I drew over my original lines with a Sharpie and added some fun accents to the artwork. Then I carefulLy adders the Liquitex Gloss Varnish with a fan brush one end at a time. Two coats later and they are looking pretty great. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. What fun with great results. I also bought Leggs Eggs. I need to look at my supplies but will try this project. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Easter!

  2. They are lovely! Happy Easter!

  3. So colorful... So you! I wonder if nail polish remover would have taken off the glitter and all. Thanks for sharing.


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