Monday, May 28, 2018

The Garden, My Other Studio

Memorial weekend is my time to do some major gardening in preparation for Summer

A new succulent garden. Since I’ve been working with a personal trainer since January, I can now carry a 40 pound bag of rocks

The bird cage used to be a bird feeder, but it now filled with trailing flowers

This area is beautiful, but the nasturtiums are getting a little weary in places, so this is my concentration for the weekend redo

Love this hedge of bougainvillea. We have about a dozen of these gorgeous plants in our yard

This garden has a combination of succulents and flowers

The middle of this garden. Love the succulents with the hot pink flowers and I wish I could remember the name of this plant

Growing green beans in these pots. Going to plant watermelons and cucumbers too

My tiny sweet pea garden. One of my most favorite flowers and next year I want a larger garden of these flowers

Two friends enjoying the garden 

Sadly, our two huge Schefflera trees are dead, but the bougainvillea makes a nice place for the vines and blooms

This area is partially cleaned out and new flowers have been planted and a larger bird cage on the left hold more trailing flowers

I love really unusual plants and this one is pretty cool. The name is a Lions Head and they like full sun. It is in the hottest part of our yard.


  1. Love your slightly "wild" garden Jamie- just the sort of garden I love.

  2. Nice way to start my morning viewing your garden in this post Jamie.

  3. Love looking at your garden. Here in the Midwest its just summer gardens. You are so fortunate to have year around gardens.

  4. So fun to take a tour of your "green space"!


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