Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hanging Out at Home

One of ur kids has learned how to make sourdough bread, so I learned too. He gave me some of his starter. Here is my first loaf and it turned out pretty good. A little dense, but it made delicious toast. Each week I will need to feed the starter and make bread. 

We’re having some work done in our backyard, so I have had to be home while the workers are here. This area has had turmoil with stones bent broken up by large trees that have since been removed. The diving board will be taken out. That the part that really gets me. It is what it is.

And finished! A really nice stone patio. I am going to look for a couple of chairs and a side table to put there. Would be a nice spot to read or draw or have a cup of coffee. 

Unfortunately, I hurt my neck during crazy quilt Market prep and my right arm has been out of commission until this past week. It is so nice to be able to draw and paint again.

I really like this one. I am thinking I might make some of my watercolor paintings into panels on Spoonflower and sell them.

My Top 9 likes on Instagram. The grand babies win! Got a little coffee and activism in there too. Cheers!

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