Friday, January 18, 2019

So much fun at Craft Napa 2019

Craft Napa 2019 was a remarkable and memorable experience. Leslie Tucker Jenison and I took a brief trip to Berkeley before heading to Napa. 

Our brief trip to Berkeley offered some challenges of getting up these stairs in the pouring rain and darkness. This staircase was the least of our worries, with cement ramps, and stairs with uneven stones and moss heading up to our AirBnb. Quite a lovely cottage, except for the stairs.

We visited this lovely store in Oakland ‘A Verb for Keeping Warm.’

On Wednesday I help Leslie set up her two day class and Pokey‘s barn. It was such a beautiful day at her property even though it was pouring rain.

Up first was teaching my typewriter workshop. This was a new class for me for a beloved wall quilt that I have made over the years and first for the quilt alliance contest which won a prize. A lot of people have written me over the years about teaching this class or creating a pattern so that other people can make the quilt. I admit it was hard for me to envision this class without having a paper pattern to guide my students. I had six pattern testers, and yes there is still plenty of work to be done to finalize that and sell it. Oh but what a fun class to teach with willing and fun participants! Each one unique to the artist who created it.

A sampling of what students created

Stencil Scrumble was a night class and people were tired, but everyone created some fabulous fabrics using StencilGirl stencils and Jacquard Textile paint. People wanted to leave early, so we crammed a lot into 2 hours and everyone took home some fun fabrics!

The face class was quite fun too! My concept of whatever floats your boat and you can make whatever you want within the 18 x 18“ square. I love this class so much because I get to see each person‘s individual style. This was my second time teaching the class at Craft Napa. This class was clearly my swan song, as I have decided to retire from teaching quilting classes. Bittersweet, but I know that I have made the right decision.

And a fun pic with some of my friends from the Artists Circle (private art group), who were also teaching at Craft Napa. 

On my days off, I drew and painted patchwork dogs! And one bear...Theo Derbyshire on IG follows me and always asks for a bear drawing, so his dream has become a reality. 

Leslie and I packed everything up and went to Oxbow market for our last Latte at Ritual.  So much fun! 


  1. It was a most wonderful week in Napa! I’m glad to have been there with you.

  2. I am sad to hear that you won't be teaching as I so enjoyed the classes IK had with you and the joy you bring to your classes. Was hoping to get to Napa in the future or anywhere you are teaching. I wish you rest & joy in the future and will continue to follow your blog.

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