Monday, March 04, 2019

The Great Studio Purge of 2019

Time to dig in and clean out. I am in the process of consolidating my studio. What do I not need? 

I simply have too much fabric that I am never going to use. Since I’ve been a fabric designer, I have used those fabrics in my projects, instead of going to my large stash

Sorting buttons, beads and stuff. It’s a good sit down job, since I am still technically resting

I don’t think I have opened this cabinet in a year. Clean out time

I have a lot of thread. And since I only use black thread in my work, it’s time to clean it out

Fat quarter bundles from Hopscotch and Sewing 101 are set aside to sell

The contents of the red cabinet is all mixed media supplies which have been put in jumbo ziplock bags

Who knew? So much stuff.

Almost ready for my Studio Purge Sale 


  1. OMG wish I lived near you I would be there. Glad to hear you are mending and want to tell you I am now trying some mixed media after taking a class with you in Houston a couple of years back. Your class was so freeing and encouraging! Keep looking Up!

  2. ME TOO! what a treat that would be to wander your isles of possibilities!! be well, Sonja

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