Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Love Pockets in my Clothes

I have a denim shirt dress that I bought at Target that I love, but it just needs pockets. These are two test pieces from Spoonflower of two paintings that I was considering for fabric designs. I started by cutting the white border off and then fusing the wrong side with Mistyfuse

I found this terrific polka dot in my stash and fused it with Mistyfuse. I cut it about a quarter of a inch larger than the Spoonflower fabric for a fold over.

Pressed it from the back, so I wouldn’t get anything on my iron

See how fun this looks?

It’s important to cut out the corners for an easy fold over

These look fab. I sewed all around the blue polka dot edges on my machine using a straight stitch

Pinned and ready to sew the pocket onto the dress, centered on the side seam line. I sewed it all three sides and reinforced the corners and bottom

Here is my shirt dress with fun new pockets! 

Lots of room for my hands, cell phone of whatever else I am carrying around. Happy Dance! Now the inside cuffs might need some bling. 


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