Monday, May 06, 2019

The Great Studio Purge of 2019

I am not going to lie, but major purging is hard. I am trying to simplify the contents of my studio, way before my lease it up to make it easier. Moving furniture to one area to sell.

The piles to sell, especially some of my fabric collections. At least it’s in one area.

This section looks pretty good, except that I really need to sell the fat quarter bundles on that wire rack

This wall has been totally simplified. All of my little treasures and collections have moved home

Sewing area is ready to begin again

My stash has been greatly reduced. Some beloved collections still remain, plus my own lines

Still tweaking this area. I think my Sizzix Big Shot Pro will move into this space between two wire shelves

This is the big mess. Paints and supplies. This week this will get cleaned up, so I can start a big block printing project.
A view from the back to the front 

Studio sale info. My last sale to just get it done. 

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