Sunday, November 24, 2019

Pages from my Sketchbook

Branching out with some other artwork now that I am stronger 

My ride is a walker, until I move to a cane 

Things are moving along, now that I am 5 weeks out

Some fun drawings of some of my favorite things in the Broadway room and the family room

I went to visit my studio and the clouds were so beautiful. The calm before the storm


Goo news at the doctors office. I can put weight on my foot!

Now, I am walking with my walker to get my stamina back!

It’s those small things, that are really big things! 

A collaboration between my friend Barbara Wyman, who was like a second mother to me. At her memorial service, there was a list of the words she lived by, and this one about listening always stuck with me

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  1. Can't wait to see where all these sketches take you. A new fabric line perhaps?


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