Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hit the Two Month Mark

Things are looking up in the healing process

It’s nice to be able to drive

Walking is very important to me and I miss not being able to walk more and I know the time will come

My husband has been amazing cooking dinner every night

Yep, gained 5 pounds during this process. Yay for Haagen Das Ice Cream bars

8 times a charm. But, it’s still hard to learn how to walk again 

Dinner date with my honey

Friends and family make the world go round

Had to share this sweet trailer clock that my SIL gave to me for my birthday 

Went back to my personal trainer to strengthen my leg

I was bored, and now I am not. Got a good book to read

My once a week coffee stop in Old Towne Orange. Portola Coffee


  1. Your drawn diary is so keen.Glad you are gaining strength daily and being a warrior artist helps. happy holidays!

  2. You're on the home stretch, Jamie! I think you must be the poster child for patient compliance. Bet your doctors and PTs are super proud of you! I'm happy that you have such a loving and attentive partner with you to bolster you in the low moments. May those moments be fewer and fewer. . .


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