Friday, February 07, 2020

Getting back to it!

Here I am back at it. Not in my studio yet. Recovering from surgery and a virus 

Revisiting old art work from 2012 when Girl Scouts celebrated 100 years!

Blooms from the garden 

Brief visit to my studio and it was freezing cold

Having some slight cabin fever

Follow up surgical appointment went well!

I asked the question on social media if I should keep this going after three months

Me in the midst of this amazing orange tree in my MIL’s backyard 

The stash wall in my studio

First day back in my studio with layers of warm clothes

I’ve been working on this wall quilt a bit. Using Hopscotch and this digital panel on of of my watercolors 

Finally made a loaf of sourdough!

Took a wee bit of a break from this process, but now I am back. Also back to the gym. 


  1. So I found your blog in the midst of this 3 month project, therefore I know nothing else! I love it, though!

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