Sunday, March 22, 2020

Changes are Upon Us

I am surprised how cold it is here, and my studio is freezing

Furry sweater to the rescue 

It was just time for a Talenti Gelato break

The Coronavirus is getting more real

Last coffee with a friend. Reality and start doing some planning

Last trip to the grocery store for us, since we are of a certain age

The garden is flourishing! This will be my great refuge

People are going crazy with hoarding. Making plans

I am happy that I am able to walk my block everyday

Went to my studio. Totally reorganized our food pantry

Last field trip to get my MIL’s piano moved to our house

It’s a beautiful piece of furniture! 

I am not going her everyday, but having a choice makes it so much better. I work alone in a concrete shoe box in an industrial park. Other artists are there also and we meet in the parking lot about 10 feet apart. It’s nice to have another option. Be well everyone. I am counting on you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these little slices of life with us! It brings much needed joy.


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