Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Making the Most of it

We have had a lot of rain! I made chicken soup!

Chicken soup cooking!

Making lists seems to be the only thing that tethers me to reality

I love this magazine! No ads. Printed on lovely paper

I am honored to have my portrait quilt in this issue as part of the appliqué/portraits gallery!

I’ve gotten back into sending cards. 

Now I am perfecting a homemade latte. I miss my rituals of going out for coffee

Now I am making my own sketchbook pages, because I am finally out of Moleskine Storybooks, which has taken years to go through my hoarding pile. This is my template for the squares

On card stock. Not perfect, but perfect for me

I’ve been cooking and freezing veggies, so they don’t go bad before I use them

My favorite sourdough cookbook!

I made pretzels, which are more like fun rolls

And lastly, me and my man wearing our masks! Be well and happy everyone!

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  1. Ooo, I love that you're making your own sketchpads now! And those masks are adorable.


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