Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Moving Along

Moving along and still safe at home

View from my coffee cup

Big gardening weekend, even though it was quite hot

I spend a lot of time in the pool swimming laps, treading water and just floating

Read, swim, relax

Some days just don’t go the way you planned

Pink daisies! So sweet

My friend Libby and I had our first social distancing lunch out on our patio, instead of in our cars

Working on my next fabric line with RJR Fabrics. It will be my 5th line with them!

Staying at home is weighing on me, so I have to think about the things I am thankful for 

I’ve been having sinus issues since January, and now I am going to take the leap and see an ENT

My short haircut is growing! 

New watercolor painting! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a good week!


  1. so enjoy your Journaling and the pen perspective! enjoy the lovely flowers you grow and the aqua pool...oh paradise found!
    i too occasionally get the ocular migraine visuals but no pain. the first time i had one i thought i was going blind and crazy. i just lay down and close my eye and enjoy? the journey .my eye doc didn't know why they happen when i asked him 10 years ago..be well,see weller!

  2. I really enjoy seeing your journals. Your watercolor is great too. I hope your headaches go away without any fanfare.

  3. Love the whatever you do quilt! I always look forward to reading your journal and find it uplifting when I am find this challenging. Love that beautiful pool, natural organic setting.


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