Monday, August 03, 2020

The Flying Fish

Every quilt project begins with fusing the fabrics with Mistyfuse. I was asked to make a 12” square fish quilt for SAQA Florida for their Fresh Fish exhibit that will be displayed at the SAQA conference in April of 2022

I had theses leftover from another project, and I thought they would make good fish bodies. These fabrics are from my Hopscotch fabric line with RJR 

And wouldn’t it be fun to use this bird fabric from my watercolors? 

Perhaps showing my sense of humor? 

The fish needed crowns too. This was fused onto a piece of black wool blended felt from National Nonwovens. I don’t use batting and don’t need to do binding

Under the sewing machine needle

The piece is backed with orange wool blended felt too. 12x12 The Flying Fish

The back, so you can see the stitching! 


  1. What clever entertaining fish; almost look like they are dancing.

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I LOVE Misty Fuse! It is the best stuff for fusing. Your fish are delightful!


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