Thursday, September 17, 2020

Mid-September Already

 Am starting an ‘I believe series.’ This is the first one 

Climate change is real. Science is real

I was gifted with some handmade watercolors for my birthday from two different people. These are pretty incredible to paint with. Ruby Mountain Watercolors.

We marked the anniversary of 911. Sad commentary 

Received this pretty terrific birthday box of ice cream for my birthday! So delicious! 

All the paint is here and ready to go! 

Live a polka dot life! 

Since having a heat wave and smoke and unhealthy air, I’ve been working from home

I’ve always loved this quote! VOTE and let your voice be heard

Reading is my great escape from what is happening in our country and world. I’ve read 60 books since January. Currently reading Daniel Silva’s first book in the Gabriel Allen series. I read his latest book 19 The New a Girl for book club, and decide to go back and start from the beginning with a The Kill Artist. I’ve read many books about tRump, and read about 100 pages of Michael Cohan’s book and had to stop because what he and tRump have done together is just criminal. I felt like I had to take a shower after every chapter to wipe the scum off.  It was All a Lie by Stuart Stevens is what I am now reading.


  1. Love all your artwork and sentiments! You are bringing positivity and happiness into the world and that is what we need big time right now. I'm totally with you on the tRump sickening he is and what a shameful shadow he has put on our wonderful country. I've got to check out those paints!

  2. I love each of these paintings. I keep thinking they would all be wonderful to share on Facebook.

  3. I do love your work, especially your journal!! If Trump is entirely to blame for all Covid deaths, does Bush get all the credit for a united country?

  4. Thank you for being such a constant source of delight!

  5. I was reading this as the news came on about the death of our great RBG. Let us pray for her family and our country. I am hoping that a replacement will not come easy for dt. I too can’t use his name. I do so enjoy your art, attitude, and book suggestions. Peace & love


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