Tuesday, March 16, 2021

First Trip in 14 Months

We are both vaccinated and safe to travel to see our kids and grands

We flew JSX out of a private terminal at John Wayne Airport so we would have limited contact. No TSA. We flew into Concord, CA and got a Lyft to Napa 40 minute drive

For the first leg of our trip we were in Napa to celebrate our oldest son’s 40th Birthday. This was the spread that we ate for days from Sonoma Market

The countryside was so beautiful 

The Mustard is blooming everywhere in Napa

Travel watercolor set so I could get some painting done for the 100dayproject

My first landscape

Another view

I spent a good deal of time making artwork for our grands...on demand. Later, when they are al little older they can trace these designs onto their magnetic drawing tablets. This was great fun!

We had some great rainstorms

The birthday boy drew these from my drawings to try out the tracing - it works! Daniel Tiger and his mom

The calm before the storm

I would have loved to get closer to this house on the hill

Napa views 

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  1. It is so refreshing to see that people can get out and around again. I am glad you get to see your family again. The views are beautiful, but I especially like your drawings of them.


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