Thursday, March 04, 2021

Floral Sewing Project

People often ask me where I get my inspiration. Mainly I get it from my garden with all the pretty colors, textures, and shapes.

I have a huge stash of pre-Mistyfused Fabrics sorted by color and polkadots

I started with a piece of linen that was over dyed by Wendy Richardson QT studio. I am using the backside for my background. The face is made out of an old double wedding ring block and I really like how it looks

And all the pretty flowers!

The view from my design table in my studio

I decided to back this with another piece of the same fabric. I fused it onto the back.

A little garden inspiration!

I also frayed the left side to match the other three sides. Then I actually free motion quilting around every object to prepare it for hand embroidery.

A view from the sewing machine that hasn’t been turned on since last July. I admit I had some challenges just turning it on and playing with the bobbin, but I got it to work and I got it done!

I also spent some time mending some of the sleeves on my linen shirts. Patching and more patching on this one which is my oldest CP shades shirt. I don’t want it to wear out

This is an old J Crew linen shirt and patched it with this floral piece. There are several little holes around this area but I’m just gonna leave those for right now

#the100dayproject features my portable sewing kit that I use for projects, like what I just made

I love that the boxes snap together easily and you can see thru them

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  1. Jamie, as much as I love your drawings, I now love your sewing too! Your vase of flowers are beautiful and vibrant in their pretty fabrics. Sure glad you got your sewing machine cranked up and running to work on this and your patches. I need to channel you next time I patch clothing and make it fun!


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