Tuesday, April 13, 2021

This and That

The100dayproject continues with Day 66. Even though I have been vaccinated, I still wear a mask in public

Beautiful gorgeous and vibrant flowers in the garden

Tools that I use for drawing! 

Found this while cleaning out some stuff in my studio. 1998 when I chaired this event to raise money for our school where our daughter attended. A friend had these posters made of each artful tourist area along Route 66. I threw our committee photo on there.

Oh my...we were so cool and fun! We are all still friends! 

I have arthritis throughout my entire body and some days it is just hard to move. CBD/THC help with salves and gummies for sleep

Lunch out with a friend in Old Town Orange. Yes, we are having cocktails at lunch and they were whiskey based!

The joy of experimenting with new things, like a used tea bag! 

A Double Delight rose in our garden

Last week I perched myself at a backyard table to draw and paint and it was just lovely!

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  1. We've never met, but it seems like you're probably still cool and fun, (judging by your intentionally mismatched socks).


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