Thursday, June 24, 2021

Just Get it Done

I bought this cool portable air conditioner for my neck to use in my studio on hot days! It works! Amazon!

It comes in a few colors. USB charge and you’re ready to go! 3 speeds

Ode to my Dad on Father’s Day!

My new garden is almost done! I love how it’s coming together!

The other side

The bar on the left used to be right by that white column and not in a good place, so it got moved. The corner area will become a succulent garden.I had to trim the upper limbs from the Wisteria to bring in more light

The whimsical shade garden

The other side of the whimsical garden

A salute to going out for delicious coffee once a week with a friend. Portola Coffee in Provisions Deli in Old Town Orange

A new bloom from a bulb!


  1. Lovely garden area and that dahlia is outstanding

  2. Inspiring! (But I do miss your strawberry pink hair).


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