Friday, December 03, 2021

So Thankful

Nothing like getting together with friends. Jill Berry from Portland and Libby Williamson. We had a fine day walking around downtown Orange and having lunch together! 

Tried a new coffee, courtesy of my daughter who found this shop after she got her booster shot in Santa Ana

And together we went to this gem in Garden Grove. Good coffee and pastries. We sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air!

My Thanksgiving post! So thankful! 

Desserts for Thanksgiving. My daughter made three pies, and happily I didn’t have to make one!

One of our traditions is to put the lights on the house the day after Thanksgiving. Daughter and her boyfriend took the reigns! They did an excellent job!

What could be better than pumpkin pie and coffee for breakfast? Sitting across from my daughter was the best!

One of our house guests. Meet Sam. The sweetest pup!

The Pod House. Pods and seeds from Wisteria trees. I had no idea that they are poisonous. We spent many days picking up hundreds of pods and seeds so that the backyard would be safe for Sam. Next year, I am going to cut the pods off before they do their bursting show.

And now the season of Christmas can begin. The girls are out and ready to greet guests! I didn’t make them and was sad to see when I bought them that there were no maker tags. I would love to know who made them. Such treasures.

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