Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Happy You in 22 on Instagram

Happy New Year! 2022 and we’re still wearing masks!

Things that I am thinking about for the new year!

This is an Instagram positivity challenge organized by Tracy Verdugo, Lori Siebert and Kenzie Elston. I love that they gave us 2 days to produce something!

1-2 Joyful and Ecstatic and one of my happy places…the garden. Slaying weeds!

3-4 Peaceful and Calm…reading and a Chai Latte

5-6 Energized and Excited - created a Sweet Pea garden with month and a half seedlings!

7-8 Authentic and Genuine- in my drawing studio at home

9-10 Adventurous and Brave - Do Something Scary Every Day! Take risks! Be brave!

11-12 Intuitive and Flowing - that’s my imagination! Stay tuned for the next group. 

Thinking about doing the 100 Day Project again this year and pondering themes. 
Doodle Mania
Inside my House and Studio


  1. Another great collection of drawings. I really enjoy seeing these.

  2. Your drawings are a great inspiration. They are so enjoyable.


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