Friday, March 03, 2023

The Wednesday Scroll Along

Two friends - Leslie Tucker Jenison and Michele Muska have a IG Live on Wednesdays at 2pm Pacific Time and started the #wednesdayscrollalong I have a huge collection of vintage textiles and started on this hand sewing journey

Bird houses and bird are my artwork on Spoonflower

The vintage wooden spool that I bought on Etsy

Coming together? Using mostly Perle cotton size 8

Hand sewing is so relaxing. Iron and hexagons are my own artwork on fabric

I learned the lazy Daisy stitch to make the spiral loops! So fun!

Fun to use the flower buttons! 

The scroll so far! 

This might be the last panel for this scroll. It is slowly getting sewn


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  8. Your IG Live sessions have been inspiring. As an avid collector of vintage textiles, diving into hand sewing feels like a natural progression. Can't wait to explore more, maybe even incorporate some alpinion minisono techniques

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