Saturday, December 30, 2023

Looking back at 2023

It has been an interesting year discovering what I want to do in my retirement. I look back at my Grandma Alice who retired when she was 65. She wanted to read, sew, swim, garden and entertain. Kinda along the same lines as me, except for the part where I draw and paint. My Life on a Cup series has seen 102 watercolor paintings including the one above. I celebrated my 70th birthday! 

The ongoing journey of this room that has become my main studio. A far cry from my 1,000 sf studio that was in an industrial park. I donated most of my furniture and supplies to Lucky Deluxe Fabrics in Orange. They are a thrift store for quilters, knitters and sewing in general. 

I love working in our gardens. This is a pink Hollyhock. So gorgeous!

Our daughter Jen got married this year and it was a love fest. Family and friends gathered to celebrate these two lovely humans. So happy!

My life on a Cup entry about the wedding!

Bravery. Yep, I wore this fun outfit in San Francisco. Nice and warm and comfy.

This was my list for 2023. I don’t do resolutions. The only thing not on this list was getting Covid for the first time in August and I never want it again. So darn sick. Got the latest booster, RSV and the flu shot. Happy New Year! 

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