Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Hip is Connected to the Leg Bone...

Oh fun...not. I didn’t know that you can dislocate your fake hip until a few weeks ago. I was walking in my studio and fell. When I realized I was falling I turned and grabbed the steel scissor door to break my fall. I had a friend working with me, and she said it was like watching me in slow motion. I was rather calm and called my husband and then my orthopedic surgeon and then 911. I wasn’t in pain. Here I am in the back of the ambulance. It was pouring rain that day

Here I am in the emergency room and do you know that your foot isn’t suppose to be in that position? One of the paramedics knew that I dislocated my hip, because of the left foot.

Me and the beautiful hospital gown. I had to spend one night in the hospital and learned about a lot of pain meds, because the pain emerged with a vengeance. My first time taking Morphine. It took about two weeks to get them out of my system. 

My husband brought Theo Derbyshire, my emotional animal to the hospital to give me comfort. At 6am the next day, they put my hip back into place without cutting me. Good drugs in the operating room. 

A weird tradition for me to always have some cherry Jello at the hospital

After my two laps around the floor with a walker and a PT guy, he fitted me into this contraption. Needless to say it stayed in the bed, and I went home

Back to the scene of the crime. This is the steel scissor door that I grabbed onto. I landed on that mat. I am recovering. My body has been through trauma. It’s like starting over. I was 6 mos out from my ball-ectomy surgery. Now, I have to take it easy until March, which doesn’t make me very happy. Went back to the gym/physical therapy place to work with a personal trainer to strengthen my hips. Apparently, it could happen again, so building those hip muscles is my first priority. I had to cancel my trip to QuiltCon. Thank you all for your kind words on social media. It carries me through the hard days. Onward and upward. 


  1. oh my gosh! we.women of a certain age don't want to fall down at all costs especially the one you just spelled out! i wish you a full recovery in a timely matter! i can only imagine the ideas and art you have floating in your head will appear on paper fornow to appear later.Be well, sonja


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  3. So sorry to hear about this fall. Prayers for a speedy and full recovery. Cherry jello is go to at my house. Take care and no more falls! Your glasses are very cool!


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